Rice Purity Test for Girls 2022

We have all seen how popular the Rice Purity Test has become online. While some are performing these tests, others still wonder what this test is about.

If you’re also one of those people who don’t know much about this trend, then you have reached the perfect place because, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Rice Purity Test for Girls.

What Does Rice Purity Test for Girls Mean?

The Rice Purity Test for Girls is a survey that determines how pure or innocent a girl is. The survey usually includes a series of 100 questions related to a girl’s personal life. This is why, it’s also called Innocence Test.

The survey needs to be self-graded, and at the end of the survey, a score is given from 0 to 100 based on the answers given. A woman with a 100 purity score is considered the purest, while 0 is the lowest score for purity.

What Questions Does the Rice Purity Test Have for Girls/Women?

As already mentioned, the questions in the Rice Purity Test for Girls are pretty personal. They are usually related to personality, education, and social life. Here are a few examples of questions asked:

Have you ever….

  • Necked on the first date?
  • Shaped or shaved your genital pubic hair in a specific design?
  • Allowed yourself to be seduced?
  • Positioned someone for sex, oral, mutual masturbation?
  • Forgotten event that occurred while you were drunk?
  • Had an orgasm at all?
  • Had sex with someone whose name you don’t know?
  • Pinched or patted someone else’s buttocks?
  • Fantasized about someone in a superior position to you?

What Is a Good Purity Test Score for Girls/Women?

The range for a good purity score is different for girls and women. Probably because women usually have more experience in different aspects of life than girls.

The Good test score for girls in the rice purity test is 75-83%.

The Good test score for women in the rice purity test is 69-78%.

What Do the Scores Mean?

100 to 91%

100 is the best score one can achieve on the test, which is why it is known as the absolute purity score. However, it’s almost impossible to score this much in a Purity test if you have answered all questions honestly.

If the score is in the 90s, it’s a great score, which means that the person believes in growth, has a mature character, and has an incredible personality.

90 to 76%

Students in colleges and universities usually score this much on the rice purity test. This score is considered intermediate purity. This isn’t a bad score for anyone; it just means the person has done some slightly crazy things.

75% to 46%

Most women fall in this category because women have usually done some adult stuff at their age. If a girl falls under this score, it doesn’t mean that she is a bad girl; she likes doing some adult stuff.

Below 45%

A score below 45 indicates that one has done some naughty things. This score is low for both women and girls. It also indicates that one might have broken some laws in the past or even had drugs.

It also indicates the person might have been through a lot in his life and is not mentally stable. Girls under these scores are usually victims of anxiety, stress, mental disorders and need proper assistance to be on the path to recovery and peace.

Is the Rice purity test for girls safe?

The Rice Purity Test poses no physical harm to anyone. However, the results can sometimes create misunderstandings between people who took the test. Also, if someone gets involved in bad things just to score less on the test and impress friends, that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about the Rice purity test for girls, we are sure you would also be interested in performing one with your friends. Though there is nothing wrong with doing the test, one should never forget that these tests don’t define how good of a person you are. Therefore you should consider this test as only a game.

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